Q: When will the tournament take place?

A: From the 23rd to 26th of July. The referee and delegate courses will already start on the 21st of July and coaching course on the 22nd of July.


Q: Where will the tournament take place?

A: At “Sportpark de Contreie” in Oosterhout (The Netherlands). Click here for more information.


Q: How can I subscribe for the tournament?

A: By filling in this form or by sending an email to info@camelotbeachtournament.com.


Q: Until when can I sign up?

A: You can already sign up for the tournament. We will allow teams until we have reached our limit of 20 teams. So make sure to sign up quickly.


Q: Is it possible to have practices and a broader stay at the Camelot Beach Tournament?

A: It sure is, for the possibilities, please contact us via info@camelotbeachtournament.com.


Q: How many EBT points will the Camelot Beachhandball Tounament be worth?

A: We expect to be the biggest tournament in terms of EBT points. Our estimated guess at the moment is more than 700 EBT points. The exact amount of points will be communicated in the upcoming months.


Q: I need a visum for visiting The Netherlands, can you provide help?

A: We can provide an official invitation for the players and staff.



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