Q: Where will the tournament take place?


A: The Tournament will be held at the sportcenter "de Contreie" in Oosterhout just like the past few years.


Q: Where will my team be able to sleep during the tournament?


A: There will be a camp site at the tournament location, about 100 meters from the courts. Ideal after the saturdays party! If you prefer a more luxurious stay, check the Sign Up page for other possibilities!


Q: Is it possible to have practices and a broader stay at the Camelot Beach Tournament?


A: It sure is, for the possibilities, contact Kevin van Loon via the “Contact” page.


Q: When will the match schedule be online?


A: The match schedule is expected to be placed on this website a week in advance of the tournament. If you are registered however, you will also receive in by email. Check the “Match Schedule” page for the last updates and see which teams are already registered!




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